Shaw TV

During the “Ralph Boyd” Men’s Open we had Shaw TV here to cover the finals on Sunday along with Don Pennell & Lonnie Schopp commentating. If you have Shaw TV and would like to view this it’s going to be on the Shaw Channel the following times;

Friday, February 21st at 6 PM /  Saturday the 22nd at 3 PM /  Sunday the 23rd at 3 PM / Monday the 24th at 10 PM & Wednesday the 26th at Noon. 

50+ AGM & Early Registration

Just a little reminder to mark you calendar for St. Patricks Day, March 17th. We will be having our wind up fun spiel during the day. This will be followed by supper catered by the Eagles Aux, then the AGM. It is important that you come out to the AGM to support our club. There will be early registration for everyone that is there for the Fall 2020 leagues. If you know someone who is not going to be there, please let them know. If you are not going to be at the AGM, please let one of your friends/curlers who will be there register you for the fall league. We are trying to make this as fair as possible for everyone. Not an easy task.

The way the sign-up works is as follows: Numbers will be given to everyone who is in attendance. When that number is drawn out of the hat, you will head up to the registration table and sign up for the leagues that you wish to play next fall. If you are registering for someone who is not in attendance, you can do so for 2 people, and those names will be put on the “absentee” list. If anyone misses registration they can email the 50+ drawmaster anytime after the AGM. Those who are registering in person at the AGM will have first priority for forming the teams, followed by the absentee list, and the online registration list. We will still have an in person registration in September for folks who missed the other opportunities.

Don’t forget to sign up for the funspiel. The sheet is on the bulletin board at the rink.

We are always looking for new Board Members. Give it some thought. Thanks for your support.

Judith McFarlane

Problem opening web page

If you are having a problem opening a web page ie “Schedule” with some Apple products, It appears to be looking at an old page and not being refreshed. Press and hold momentarily “Leagues” this will bring up the Schedule that you are familiar with ( ).Wylie

Email Notifications

Do you want a notification when the CR Curling Home Page has been updated? The Web Team has been able to make that a reality!! To subscribe, please see the right hand side of the Home page, under CONTACTS. There is a “SUBSCRIBE TO OUR POSTS”, with a box for you to enter the email address you would like to be notified. Once address is entered, press SUBSCRIBE button. Your email is now added and when the Home Page is updated, you will automatically receive notification. It provides a direct link to the CR Curling Home Page. You can unsubscribe at any time.