50+ Games Thursday 10 am


Spring # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 # 10
  Thursday Jan.11 Jan.18 Jan 19 Feb.1 Feb.8 Feb.15 Feb.22 Mar.1 Mar.8 Mar.15
  10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am
Team vs-ice vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs
A De’Ath
B1 F2 C4 E3 D1 B4 F1 C2 E3 D3
B Maga A1 C3 E2 D4 F2 A4 C2 E1 D2 F4
C Labbe D2 B3 A4 F1 E4 D1 B2 A2 F1 E2
D Desrochers C2 E1 F3 B4 A1 C1 E4 F3 B2 A3
E Rickert F3 D1 B2 A3 C4 F3 D4 B1 A3 C2
F Spiers E3 A2 D3 C1 B2 E3 A1 D3 C1 B4


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Special Olympics 2018 Team

Our Special Olympics Team was a winner on the weekend and now heads to the Provincials.  From Left to Right in the photo are the team players and coach.

Dave Marsters – Lead     Matthew Basso – 3rd       Curtis Rinhofer – Skip                Darrell Ludow – 2nd   and    Coach Terry Kratzman

Congratulations from all the curlers at the club and best of luck at the Provincials!!!


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