50+ Games Tuesday 10 am

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  Tuesday Jan.08 Jan.15  Jan.22 Jan.29 Feb.05 Feb.12 Feb.19 Feb.26 Mar.05 Mar.12
  10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am 10 am
Team vs-ice vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs
A McFarlane B1 F2 C4 E3 D1 B4 F1 C2 E3 D3
B Rickert A1 C3 E2 D4 F2 A4 C2 E1 D2 F4
C De’Ath D2 B3 A4 F1 E4 D1 B2 A2 F1 E2
D Clark C2 E1 F3 B4 A1 C1 E4 F3 B2 A3
E Oster F3 D1 B2 A3 C4 F3 D4 B1 A3 C2
F Spiers E3 A2 D3 C1 B2 E3 A1 D3 C1 B4


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In memory of Don Sterling

We are sad to announce the passing of ice maker, manager and long term club member.

While in the Air Force, he had a part time job as ice maker assistant in Calgary. He went to Germany and made ice at the base. When he came back to Canada, he was posted to Ottawa and was assistant ice maker at the Granite Club. After 30 years in the Air Force, he retired in 1979 in Comox.
1979 – 1995 in Campbell River he was Ice Maker and Manager. The only staff he had was his wife, Pat and his son, Brian. Things were different then because of the large number of volunteers. One of the things he was most proud of was when he and Bea Mitchell started the seniors program, which is a large part of the present club.
He passed away on Saturday morning, June 29th.
There will be a celebration of life at the Legion on July 19th at 1 p.m.

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