Associations/Curling Development

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Coordinate ‘learn to curl’ clinics
  • Identify any need for Coaches
  • Make members aware of and encourage members to participate in technical, officiating and coaching clinics along with other learning/development opportunities
  • Establish and implement policies regarding the reimbursement of dues
    for the training/certification of club members
  • Maintain records of the skills, training or certification achievements of club members for the purposes of recognition and benefit to the Campbell River Curling Club
  • Manage all aspects of youth curling at the Campbell River Curling Club including: Liase with the President of the junior program, high school outreach program, etc.
  • Maintain regular contact with Curl BC and Curl Canada Association and ensure any fees are paid.

Bonspiels/Non-Curling Club Events

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Implement bonspiel guidelines for Club and Non-Club events
  • Develop bonspiel themes in conjunction with the committees
  • In conjunction with Public Relations and Communications and Revenue Generation Directors pursue sponsorships and prize donation opportunities for
    the bonspiels
  • Liase with the bonspiel Committees (Club and non-Club) to ensure that all cheduled bonspiels are completed

Strategic Planning / Revenue Generation

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Develop the short and long term strategy for the Campbell River Curling Club
  • Identify capital projects with budget requirements and develop a capital improvement strategy in line with the recommended future direction of the club
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations for fundraising in the municipality
  • Identifies and Coordinates all fundraising activities for the curling club
  • Responsible for obtaining and maintaining business advertisers for the signs placed on ice surface/curling club
  • Pursues and acquires Sponsors for major events, programs or capital projects
  • Provide a report for the annual general meeting
  • Develop strategies for increasing the profile of the Campbell River Curling Club

Facility Operation & Maintenance

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Responsible for all aspects of maintenance of the building and equipment
  • Responsible for the exterior grounds
  • Maintain an ongoing list and cost of completed repairs and capital expenditures
  • Responsible for all aspects of the ice and plant, building equipment and maintenance programs
  • Reviews equipment and maintenance record
  • Manages health and safety regulations
  • Informs the board of directors of any equipment needs
  • Provide a written report for each Board Meeting
  • Responsible for annual report for the annual meeting

Finance- Financial Report and Budget

  • Finance- Financial Report and Budget
  • Provide monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors and members
  • Prepare an annual budget and monitor progress
  • Determine an appropriate level of funds to be kept “in reserve”
  • Participate in developing the short and long term strategy for the Campbell River Curling Club

Policies and Procedures

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Be responsible for organizational development of the Campbell River Curling Club (policy manual, by-laws, etc.)


  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Create a curling program for all curlers that is fun, enjoyable and instructive complete with qualified coaches and/or volunteers
  • Recruit new curlers to the program and retain current members
  • Coordinate the registration and collect of fees
  • Coordinate a banquet with awards at the end of the season
  • Work with Membership Director to ensure all leagues will be full for the curling season
  • Work with Public Relations Director to promote the curling programs for all ages
  • Maintain a schedule of liaison meetings with all leagues to access league success and any problems and report regularly at the Board of Director meetings
  • Provide an annual report for the annual general meeting


  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  •  Monitor the provision of services to Campbell River Curling Club members, ensure Board & association information (directors, minutes, notices,
    etc.) are available to members
  • Develop membership profiles (Club members, Associate members, Honorary
    members, Life members) and develop strategies for attraction/retention
  • Establish policies for and monitor the maintenance/accuracy of the Campbell River Curling Club membership list
  • Generate an annual schedule of events: Ensure the programming and scheduling of club activities meets membership needs and optimizes ice usage

PR and Communications

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Develop strategy for regular newsletters to membership via the Web site and hardcopy
  • Monitor the status of the Website and liase with the Webmaster
  • Develop a brochure highlighting the Campbell River Curling Club and the opportunities for new curlers, facility rentals, etc. Develop a strategy for delivering the information
  • Develop procedures for reporting Curling Club Events to the public via the media
  • Develop media relations to provide for regular reporting of curling club events (newspapers, radio, etc)
  • Pursue opportunities for billboard communications and content


  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Develop a schedule and committees for non-curling socials.
  • Harvest dance
  • New Years dance
  • Past Presidents dinner
  • Volunteer dinner
  • Sandra Schmirler Day
  • Staff/Board dinner
  • Wind up dinner/dance
  • Community open house
  • Foster social opportunities for club members


  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Maintain and monitor a roster of volunteers and skills for Campbell River Curling Club activities
  • Develop a volunteer recognition program

Human Resources

  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings
  • Monitor staffing to ensure service delivery maximization and budget maintenance
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and retention of staff
  • Conduct regular (monthly) meetings with Staff to discuss and resolve any evolving issues
  • Conduct and monitor performance reviews as prescribed
  • Establish and monitor staffing policies and procedures to guarantee compliance with relevant municipal, provincial and federal regulations (WCB, Labour Code, etc.)


  • Attend scheduled Board Meetings