Ahoy Hangover Curlers,
The Schedule for Sunday 8 October is:
10 am Starboard Watch
      ICE 1                                                ICE 2                                                  ICE 3 
Bernie Morin vs Pete Asprey     Ed Schmuland vs Wayne Clark       Rob Hobenshield vs James Howse
12 PM General Meeting (in between 1st & 2nd Draw). We have important decisions to make and it is important that all members have their say and are requested to attend.
12:30 pm, After General Meeting, Port Watch
        ICE 1                                                     ICE 2                                      ICE 3        
Darrell Smith vs Bernie Daenckaert      Art De’Ath vs Special O           Colin Spencer vs Tim Baird
The Team Schedule for the first third of the season is attached. Our first two rounds are positional, so rather than have an A and B Block I have renamed them Navy style…Starboard and Port Watches. We will regroup the teams into A and B for the last third of the season.
I have also attached the Team Rosters, Schedule and the Spares List. There is one team that still requires a curler. If you know anyone interested in curling in our league let me know, or have them contact me.
The 2016 Team Rosters, Spares List and Schedule are on the Campbell River Web Site: , click on League, then Hangover.
Our Skins Bonspiel will take place on 29-30 October. All Hangover teams are automatically entered.
See you on October 9th,
Yours Aye, Bernie Morin