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Phil McCutcheon

Experienced curler looking to play on a team in social league or men’s on tue wed thur Friday

Dan Geneau

Looking for a fun and competitive team to play with this 2023/2024 season. I've played for over 15 years and my wife and I played in the Tuesday-night Competitive league last year. My wife can't play this year so Im going solo. I played at skip and 3rd last year and would prefer to play in one of those spots. I’m ok with newer team looking for a little experience but overall looking to have fun.
Cheers, Dan


Experienced curler looking to spare ladies or mixed

Peter Schwarzhoff

Experienced curling willing to play any position on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Ian Cousins

43 year old inexperienced curler looking to join the Monday Beach Fire or Friday Social. I've curled a little bit in my youth but nothing recent, so would need a team who doesn't mind a rookie!

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George Zervas

Previous skip not playing this upcoming 2023/24 season. Need new skip.


New to Campbell River and looking to join a weeknight team and league. Used to curl regularly, but have taken a break for a couple of years.


Inexperienced curler wanting to join a team. I am a quick learner and eager to learn:)