Covid League Information

Please note the following changes to the 2020 fall curling season:

  • All leagues start mid-October and are 9 weeks
  • Game Length / Duration Evening and Sunday Leagues will be given a 2 hour ice time allotment.  Games must end (this means rocks put away and players exiting the ice area) no later than 2 hours from the draw start time, regardless of what point you are at in your end or game.  A buzzer warning will be set at the 1 hour 45min mark.
  • Day time (50+) leagues will be given a 1 hour 45min ice time allotment, due to the back-to-back draw times.
  • Teams can register 4 or more players but only 3 players can curl each week and it is the responsibility of the team to organize
  • Spares must be registered players, preferably from the same league



The Campbell River Rookie league is for anybody with little to no experience required. Sign up as a single or with your friends and have a fun time being introduced to the game of curling with some guidance from our awesome volunteer coaches.

Draw Times

Due to COVID-19 the Rookie League has been delayed till further notice

Sunday's at 10am or 12:30pm

Season begins in early January - mid-March