Facility Rentals

Banquet and Lounge Rental

Lounge & Banquet Area (includes rental and clean-up) $400
Banquet Area for the day with NO BAR SERVICE REQUIRED (includes rental and clean-up) $500
Lounge, Banquet Area & Kitchen (includes rental, set-up, bartender, access to kitchen facilities, and clean-up) $400

Lounge, Banquet Area & Fully Catered Meal * (includes rental, set-up, bartender, fully catered buffet meal including desserts, and tea and coffee, conversion of banquet area to dance floor, and clean-up)

*meal costs are on a per plate cost, based on the choice of entrèe and the number of servings


+ meal cost

Ice Rental

Per Sheet of Ice – individuals, groups, or companies $25/hour
Four Sheets – School $100/hour
Four Sheets – 4 hour minimum (includes use of lounge) $450
Four Sheets for a full day (includes use of lounge) $750


Board Room $20/hour
Multi-Purpose Area (downstairs lobby) $20/hour
Multi-Purpose Area (upstairs area) Negotiated
Grounds – Dogwood St. property Negotiated